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    • 鍺材料

      Germanium(Ge) is widely used in far infrared wavelength, it is transparent from 2 micron to 17 micron.. Germanium also has higher refractive index about 4 at 10.6 micron. Germanium is very popular in ..

    • 鍺窗片

      Germanium(Ge) Windows are made from Germanium material, which has transparent range from 2 to 17 micron. MT-Optics,Inc. can kindly process this Ge as windows, mirrors, lenses etc. Specifications: Ma..

    • 鍺平凸透鏡

      Germanium (Ge) Plano convex Lenses are made from Germanium material. They present a curvecd interface and a planar interface. They have a positive focal length, which makes it ideal for collecting and..

    • 鍺平凹透鏡

      Germanium(Ge) Plano concave Lenses are made from Germanium material. They present a concave surface and a plano surface. They have a negative focal length and are used for image reductinon or to sprea..

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